“Kyle Else is one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful Realtor in Northern California. His love of history and culture is eminent with every city and home we toured. Kyle is very friendly, inviting, and will not hesitate to voice his concerns or go into depth about a home he shows. He provides comfort, guidance, and reassurance. Kyle does not simply care about selling a home, he cares about each individual’s needs and happiness.”

– Trina C.

“If you need a agent who will take charge of selling your real estate, I would recommend Kyle. I was 2000 miles away from an empty condo and Kyle hired the right people to have the property prepared for showing to minimize any concerns of buyers. He was able to leverage offers to maximize the price and successfully close escrow in one month. It was comforting to have him deal with those things to minimize anxieties in times like this. If anyone would like more details on this transaction have Kyle forward my email.

– Keith K.

“We wanted to send you all a GIANT THANK YOU!! We know it wasn’t easy… the road was bumpy and full of surprises. But we trust this was not what your typical transaction looks like :). We would not have made it through without all of your help, your experience, and your time. We certainly did not appreciate how important it was in real estate to have a good team, extraordinary agent, and a good network of professionals before. I’m sure we will keep in touch moving forward, and I’m sure we’ll have many more emails. But in the mean time, I just wanted to share a bit of joy for the closed transaction!”

– Carlo & Francesca

“Kyle Else is a detailed agent who has the knowledge to provide for buyers and sellers, Kyle is dependable and has built his reputation with his Real Estate piers by his drive for Excellence and Service of the ever changing market of the Silicon Valley.”

– Karen H.

“Kyle is a reliable real estate agent who helped me buy a condo (short sale) at a exceptionally good price. It was a long haul and he was concise, persevere and in good faith in every step of the way, all possible aspects of the deal, in bidding and eventually completed the long processing and closed the deal successfully. I can never thank him enough and I am lucky to have such an outstanding buyer’s agent acting on my behalf. I will recommend him to all my friends who either want to sell or buy a property.

– Tony D.”