Caltrain has Three Station Connections in Palo Alto

What do Steve Jobs, James Franco and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They’ve all purchased property in the charming California city of Palo Alto. Founded by Leland Stanford at the same time he founded Stanford University, this leafy area offers excellent amenities and a well-connected transportation infrastructure that links to Silicon Valley, San Francisco and beyond. Wasting hours of your time stuck in traffic can become a thing of the past; the city conveniently lies in the Caltrain corridor. With so much on offer, it’s easy to see why Palo Alto frequently makes an appearance on many of America’s “top places to live” lists. Thinking of relocating to Palo Alto? No matter where you’re from, the friendly residents are sure to welcome you with open arms.

Commute From Palo Alto Caltrain Station
Destination By Car Caltrain Distance
San Francisco Station 40 min 50 min 32 miles
Downtown Burlingame Station 27 min 28 min 17 miles
Downtown San Mateo Station 25 min 24 min 15 miles
Downtown San Carlos Station 19 min 13 min 7 miles
Downtown Redwood City Station 15 min 8 min 5 miles
Downtown Menlo Park Station 5 min 5 min 1.5 miles
Downtown Mountain View Station 17 min 12 min 6 miles
Downtown Sunnyvale Station 20 min 17 min 9 miles
San Jose Diridon Station 27 min 36 min 19 miles


Discover Your Dream Neighborhood

Dish Palo Alto

Palo Alto is composed of different neighborhoods, each with their own distinct vibe and unique attractions. Midtown, University South, and Old Palo Alto are considered to be some of the most desirable neighborhoods in which to buy property, partly thanks to their amenities, quality of living and investment potential.

With its selection of local facilities, low crime rates, and large Midtown Shopping Center, it’s no surprise that over 10,000 people choose to call Midtown home. Bonuses include the neighborhood’s proximity to Oregon Expressway and Palo Alto Caltrain station, which connects to many stops between San Francisco and Gilroy. There are also lots of parking spaces and dedicated cycling lanes, which makes traveling in and around Midtown a breeze.

University South
University South is a large neighborhood which still maintains a small-town community feel. It borders the Downtown North and Crescent Edge neighborhoods and is near the Caltrain Palo Alto Station. Amenities are plentiful, and you’ll never be more than a few blocks away from a convenience store. Locals love jogging and walking through the pretty Heritage Park, which is also the site of a weekly farmer’s market during the summer months.

Old Palo Alto
Home to Silicon Valley innovators — and a handful of billionaires — Old Palo Alto is perhaps the most exclusive neighborhood in Palo Alto. Boasting leafy avenues, minimal through-traffic, and large lots, houses here do get snapped up quickly — so be prepared to act fast if you find your ideal home. Palo Alto and California Avenue Caltrain stations are both close by while the nearby Embarcadero connects directly to Highway 101.

Incredible Educational Facilities
Palo Alto has 19 schools, including 14 private schools and 5 post-secondary schools. GreatSchools score Addison Elementary School, Terman Middle School, and Walter Hays Elementary School with a 10 out of 10 based on their previous test results. The prestigious Stanford University lies adjacent to Palo Alto and is where over 15,000 students are enrolled in a range of courses. Stanford has its own Caltrain station next to the campus and it’s only used on football game days. With such a high caliber of educational institutions located in the area, Palo Alto is an excellent choice if you have children in the home.

A Foodie’s Paradise
In recent years, Palo Alto has been flexing its culinary muscles, and there is a range of international cuisines available. Food trucks line Palo Alto Square every Wednesday, offering a quick and easy way to sample the delicious local fare. For gourmet fine dining, head to the swanky restaurants located on Emerson Street. Highly-rated eateries in Downtown San Francisco are all readily accessible by a short trip on the Caltrain. With over 4,500 acres of public park space in Palo Alto, there’s always a nearby spot to walk off dinner if you’ve over-indulged!

Considering a move to Palo Alto? Home ownership is a dream come true in the region, and living near the Caltrain rail service can change your whole commute and lifestyle for the better. Here at Keller Williams | @ipoHomes Realtor, we can advise you on local market trends and help you find your new home in the area.

Photo Credit: @bassfishjosh and @ipoHomes

Airbnb Short Term Real Estate Rentals

You may have noticed where superstars like Beyonce and Justin Bieber stay in their downtime. After stealing the halftime show at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, Beyonce retreated to the Los Altos Hills for a night of relaxation in her luxurious home away from home, courtesy of Airbnb [1]. While most of us could never even dream of such extravagance — the mansion is rumored to cost a pretty penny at $10,000 a night [2] — Queen Bey is the poster girl for a broader trend toward private home rentals. Millions of people are defying the paradigm of hotel accommodation and opting instead for a more modern approach to travel: short-term rentals of private residences.


Short-Term Rentals: A History

The concept of renting out spare space for an extra buck is nothing new. However, the Internet age has boosted the home-sharing economy by making it easy, and often cheaper, for travelers to stay in private homes instead of hotels. We largely have Airbnb to thank for this. The San Francisco-based company started out in 2008 as an online platform meant to make hosts a little money on the side for renting out a room (or even space on the couch). From its humble beginnings, Airbnb now serves millions of people in over 190 countries [3]. It has grown into an estimated $24-billion business — yes, you read that right: billion with a “b” [4].

A huge part of this success is the wide range of options available. The type of rentals available run the gamut from a spare room in a metropolitan, owner-occupied apartment to a huge, secluded home all to yourself. No matter your taste or budget, Airbnb has the perfect accommodations for you. VRBO, a similar platform, focuses more on entire homes and apartments rather than rooms or couches. For security, both businesses facilitate all aspects of booking and money exchange and, unlike some rental directories, Airbnb does not charge to list a rental; they only receive a commission when a booking is finalized.

Why It Makes Sense

Whether you’re traveling or hosting, short-term rentals make sense. For pleasure or business travelers, they’re an innovative way of traveling economically that’s often more comfortable than a hotel. Additionally, many people enjoy making connections with other people around the world. From a hosting standpoint, short-term rentals can be very lucrative without too much effort on the homeowner’s part. If you have the means, purchasing a second home to rent out in a popular area can earn you a lot of return on your investment. Buying a rental property can even help you save for retirement or put your kids through college. And the benefits aren’t just personal — short-term rentals can also be a great boon for communities. They promote tourism, which in turn generates revenue for the city or region and ultimately makes your property more valuable. However, with the good comes the bad — or at least the confusing.

The Great Debate

Many communities have begun restricting the rights of short-term hosts, arguing that private rentals create competition for hotels and other local establishments. Unfamiliar tenants and increased noise and traffic are also issues for neighbors. And furthermore, although Airbnb isn’t the sole perpetrator, residences that serve strictly as vacation rentals can mean less housing for those who actually live and work in areas where housing is less than plentiful.

In San Francisco, for example, scarce, expensive housing coupled with a huge number of visitors has set the stage for an especially tumultuous battle over the legality of short-term rentals [5]. Despite legal wrangling, however, the popularity of Airbnb rentals continues to climb in San Francisco and the Bay Area at large. And why shouldn’t it? At the heart of the tech movement, the Bay Area is also a place of stunning natural beauty and international culture. It’s no wonder the region is having its moment in the spotlight.

Avoiding Pitfalls

When buying with short-term renting in mind, you must consider a variety of factors. The property has to be zoned for short-term rentals, which may mean that it can’t be located in a strictly residential area. Your homeowner’s association or condo board may need to approve, and some mortgage lenders require additional insurance as well. Tax compliance can be another complicated issue for short-term rental owners, and you may have to pay hotel or second-home taxes [6]. On the other hand, however, myriad tax benefits of owning a vacation rental exist, including deductions for depreciation as well as management and operating expenses [7].

Navigating the complex web of legal issues can be extremely confusing, especially since laws vary depending on the property’s location. Enlisting the help of a savvy REALTOR® will make the most of your money. Kyle Else is a trusted REALTOR® based in Silicon Valley who helps clients make smart investments in rental property throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Keller Williams Realty and Kyle know the ins and outs of short-term rentals and can help even the most astute client choose the right property and understand the laws associated with short-term rentals. Let Kyle help you take advantage of the short-term rental boom today.

Real Estate Buyer Personas

In order to understand a customer, it’s critical to ask the right questions. By knowing things like “who, what, where, when, how, and why?” a more comprehensive and satisfying experience is provided for clients. Becoming familiar with real estate buyer personas is a great way for real estate agents to learn to support their clients in goal-directed buying decisions. Regardless of whether a buyer is interested in an investment property or a home that can accommodate a new baby, a comprehensive understanding of real estate buyer personas helps them.


Move-Down Buyers

Move-down buyers are looking to downsize from their larger homes. These buyers are generally high net worth professionals who want to move into a more manageable home after they have retired or their children have moved out. Move-down buyers are interested in homes with hardwoods, plenty of natural light and modern, high-tech appliances. Since these buyers are generally selling their luxury homes and buying smaller, pared-down homes that are easier to maintain, they’ll appreciate plenty of amenities and easy access. Move-down buyers will also welcome notable backyards with room for pets and grandchildren to play. While being near downtown isn’t always one of their hard-and-fast requirements, these buyers will enjoy being in a location that offers easy access to parks, trails, coffee shops and restaurants. Quiet locations filled with beautiful, low-maintenance homes, such as Palo Alto, Redwood City, or Burlingame are ideal for move-down buyers.


First-Time Buyers

First-time buyers are generally middle-class families who are looking for a foot in the door to home ownership based on affordability. These buyers may also be college grads with planned downpayment assistance coming from parents or working professionals looking to find a more convenient Silicon Valley commute. Their wish lists include updated kitchens and plenty of natural light. First-time buyers are looking for a comfortable, livable home and are likely to be drawn to homes with sizable backyards that provide plenty of room for gardening and space for children to play. These buyers generally want at least two bedrooms and two full bathrooms to accommodate expanding families and room for company to stay. This group of buyers is likely to be receptive to fixer-uppers, and many individuals in this group will happily renovate an older home with plenty of character and an outstanding location.

Move-Up Buyers

Move-up buyers are generally entrepreneurs, tech professionals, startup founders and other professionals who want to trade their existing homes for larger, more luxurious houses due to a change in income, new baby or new marriage. These buyers want to live in and around the Silicon Valley area, although they may also be interested in properties in San Francisco, Hillsborough or Palo Alto areas. Move-up buyers are looking for a home that allows them to live the lifestyle of their dreams. Their must-have features include updated kitchens, luxury bathrooms and an ample amount of natural light. These buyers are generally interested in acquiring a home with a pool and spa and will appreciate modern, high-tech design. These buyers are likely selling their starter homes and looking to move into a new home that provides a more luxurious lifestyle.

ipohomes Real Estate Tour Palo Alto Luxury Homes-126

Luxury Buyers

Luxury buyers are generally high net worth individuals or international professionals who may have several homes in and around the Palo Alto area. These customers often work in Silicon Valley and are searching for a home that offers all possible amenities, including updated kitchens, high-end bathrooms, and a pool and spa. This type of buyer may also be new to the luxury home industry, for example, a startup founder who liquidated stock and now has the wealth to become a luxury buyer. These buyers are happy to spend the money needed to secure a home that offers luxurious amenities in the Palo Alto or San Francisco area. Luxury buyers are attracted to crisp, clean styling and will appreciate homes that boast natural light and modern, high-tech amenities such as heated floors and driveways and smart thermostats. Homes with hardwoods are a must for these buyers, and they will also enjoy features like vaulted ceilings, open floor plans, chandeliers and large bathrooms. Luxury buyers often look at many homes before committing to a specific location and may have a long list of requirements for their new home. While luxury buyers vary depending on their backgrounds and professions, it is safe to assume they will welcome high-quality, well-constructed homes that offer ample space and plenty of uniquely beautiful features.


Investor Buyers

Investor buyers are generally high net worth real estate investors who specialize in buying and selling homes. These buyers often have several homes in the area and want to purchase another home to flip or rent to college graduates, middle-class families or professionals. Investor buyers may also be looking to secure a property for use as an Airbnb rental in San Francisco or the surrounding areas. When it comes to purchasing a home, these buyers are receptive, sharp and attentive, although they are generally also thrifty and savvy. They are likely to be interested in homes in areas ranging from Burlingame and Hillsborough to Redwood City and the San Francisco area. These buyers are also likely looking for fixer-uppers they can flip for a profit down the road. For an investor buyer, one of the most important traits a house can have is a good location that’s near downtown. They’re also likely to appreciate homes with notable backyards, plenty of natural light and hardwood floors because they can capitalize and expand on all of these things. While these purchasers may sometimes be interested in luxury features like a pool and spa or luxury bathrooms, these are generally less important to them than quality homes in good locations at decent prices.

Mother’s Day Weekend Real Estate Tour

Move Mom into the lap of luxury!
“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
― Abraham Lincoln
7 BED | 10 BATH | 14,827 SQ/FT
Spectacular new construction in West Atherton.
3 BED | 2 BATH | 3,285 SQ/FT
Welcome to a true treasure in the lower Los Altos Hills.
Cozy up in this nook and browse your tablet.
Don’t miss the sitting area in this expansive kitchen.
The Master bedroom balcony overlooks a vast backyard.
Turn the key and enjoy this home its move-in ready.
Entertain by the pool, spa, fire pit and arbor covered dining area.

Showing by Appointment

201 Mountain Wood Ln
Woodside| $39,900,000
4 BED 7 BATH 16,800 SQ/FT


Private road to over 11 Acres in Woodside.


The historic stables of Champagne Paddocks.


Opportunity to Build Equestrian Estate


Showing by Appointment

3 BED| 2 BATH | 1,847 SQ/FT
Spectacular cul-de-sac walk to Greer Park that offers a variety of recreational activities.
7 BED | 4 BATH | 3,390 SQ/FT
Spacious home with plenty of room to play.
Bright home in Midtown Palo Alto with a huge lot.
4 BED | 2.5 BATH | 2,046 SQ/FT
Escape to the master bedroom suite of this Midtown Palo Alto home.
4 BED | 3 BATH | 2,421 SQ/FT
A short walk to Stanford University Campus situated in Southgate Palo Alto.
Plan fabulous dinner parties in the back yard.
627 Tennyson Ave
Palo Alto | $7,498,000
6 BED 7.5 BATH 5,000 SQ/FT
This Mediterranean-style new construction home blends indoor/outdoor living.

Friday Real Estate Tour on May 1st 2015

We’re starting today’s tour at this Mid Century Masterpiece that has recently undergone a complete transformation. Exceptionally priced this home tucked away in the twists and turns of lower Hillsborough hills is stunning. When you walk into the front door the home invokes a spirit of happiness.

As the extremely talented ad executive, Don Draper says:


“And do you know what happiness is?

Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear.

It’s the billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is okay.

You are okay.”

I found this property to be a recipe for a Happy Home


Modern Mad Men Home
100 Rockridge Rd
Hillsborough | $5,680,000
5 BED | 5.5 BATH | 4,870 SQ/FT

BTW: Check out the before. Wow.

Let’s see what new listings are in Palo Alto, CA.

Palo Alto Real Estate
1083 Cardinal Way
Palo Alto | $1,988,000
4 BED | 2.5 BATH | 1,982 SQ/FT

Palo Alto Backyard
930 Guinda St
Palo Alto | $4,798,000
5 BED | 4 BATH | 3,938 SQ/FT

1320 Webster Street
Palo Alto | $6,498,000
3 BED | 3.5 BATH | 3,081 SQ/FT

Old Palo Alto
1730 Webster St
Palo Alto | $5,795,000
4 BED | 2.5 BATH | 2,908 SQ/FT

Palo Alto Large Lot
410 Adobe Pl
Palo Alto | $2,498,000
3 BED | 2 BATH | 1,674 SQ/FT

Palo Alto Hills
3106 Bandera Dr
Palo Alto | $2,995,000
4 BED | 3 BATH | 2,670 SQ/FT

Last stop on tour today across from the Los Altos Golf & Country Club.


Los Altos Country Club Home
1557 Country Club Dr
Los Altos | $4,988,000
4 BED | 5 BATH | 4,177 SQ/FT

Continue on your own real estate tour of new listings in Palo Alto, CA.

4158 Baker Ave
Palo Alto | $1,788,000
3 BED | 1 BATH | 905 SQ/FT

2073 Edgewood Dr
Palo Alto | $2,395,000
4 BED | 2 BATH | 1,614 SQ/FT

153 S California Ave F109
Palo Alto | $949,000
2 BED | 2 BATH | 1,117 SQ/FT

201 Maclane St
Palo Alto | $1,100,000
3 BED | 1 BATH | 1,002 SQ/FT

815 Altaire Walk
Palo Alto | $1,399,999
3 BED | 2.5 BATH | 1,461 SQ/FT

1832 Channing Ave
Palo Alto | $2,188,000
2 BED | 1 BATH | 1,114 SQ/FT

708 Greer Rd
Palo Alto | $1,899,000
3 BED | 2 BATH | 1,538 SQ/FT

727 Loma Verde Ave B
Palo Alto | $1,400,000
2 BED | 2.5 BATH | 1,554 SQ/FT

337 Loma Verde Ave
Palo Alto | $3,080,000
5 BED | 3.5 BATH | 2,940 SQ/FT

905 Van Auken Cir
Palo Alto | $2,698,000
4 BED | 4.5 BATH | 2,119 SQ/FT

How to Win a Bay Area Bidding War

Let’s face it, the home-buying process is stressful. Factor in incredibly competitive real estate market conditions and you may need to book a week at the spa just to get through the next open house.

Never fear, here are a few tried-and-true tips that have helped clients’ offers come out on top — even in the most serious San Francisco, Mid-Peninsula and Silicon Valley bidding wars. (That said, if your offer falls significantly short offer price-wise, even the most-savvy tips might not help.)

However, when similar offers are on the table, there are some strategies that can help you squeeze out the winning edge.

Remember that not everything is about cash.

Seasoned agents know that one of the best ways to land a deal in a competitive market is to appeal to the sellers’ nostalgia for their home. Including a short personal letter with the initial offer can make all the difference. It almost seems too simple, but sharing details in an honest and heartfelt introduction letter about how you would enjoy living in the seller’s property may secure your dream home.

Even though the homeowner is moving on, she probably still has a sentimental attachment to the property — so promising to maintain the architectural heritage of a historic home, for example, could make you a more compelling buyer.

Time is money

When a seller considers offers, she views each one holistically. Make yours more attractive by shortening contract timelines. For example, maybe your offer is $3,000 less than other buyers’, but your proposed inspection period is five days shorter. This aggressive timeline shows the seller how serious you are about purchasing her property.

The worst-case scenario for a seller is waiting out a number of days with no forward movement toward closing and then having the buyer back out. Shortening the contract timelines reduces a seller’s risk, adding an incentive for her to accept your offer.

Show them the cash — upfront

Another way to make your offer attractive without burdening your bottom line is to showcase just how earnest you are to purchase the home. Earnest money is a deposit made to a seller showing the buyer’s good faith in a transaction. If a generous earnest money deposit in your market is a set amount of $20,000, then exceed it by another $10,000.

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and get creative to make your offer stand out. All of these little details add up and can push your offer to the top of the pile.

Calm down

“I’m so stressed out with this competitive market that I can barely sleep.”

Whoa. Slow down and take a deep breath. If you’re stressing yourself out to exhaustion about every single house you put an offer on, you’re likely to totally burn out and end up agreeing to a less-than-ideal contract detail just to end the process.

1447 Byron St

At the end of the day, even with fast-paced market conditions, purchasing a new home is fun and exciting! So enjoy, let us work our negotiation magic with proven strategies. You need to start planning your housewarming party.

Palo Alto Friday Real Estate Tour on April 24th 2015

Watch a video of some of the homes toured this week in Palo Alto, CA. Currently the real estate market in the city has a sum of $137,195,764 in ACTIVE property for sale. This includes 4194 Oak Hill Ave offered at $11,988,888 with 7 bedrooms 10 bathrooms in the Palo Alto Hills neighborhood that has been listed for 92 Days.

View a few “new” real estate listings for sale in Palo Alto, CA.

_IMG3031 (1)
1499 Edgewood Dr
Palo Alto, CA | 94301
5 BED 3.5 BATH 4,725 SQ/FT

589 Coleridge Ave
Palo Alto, CA | 94301
3 BED 3.5 BATH 4,464 SQ/FT

643 Tennyson Ave
Palo Alto, CA | 94301
6 BED 4 BATH 5,417 SQ/FT

270 Iris Way
Palo Alto, CA | 94303
4 BED 3 BATH 2,236 SQ/FT

1161 Donner Ln 905
Palo Alto, CA | 94303

3 BED 3.5 BATH 1,715 SQ/FT

972 Amarillo Ave
Palo Alto, CA | 94303
3 BED 1 BATH 1,368 SQ/FT

60 Roosevelt Cir
Palo Alto, CA | 94306
4 BED 2 BATH 1,456 SQ/FT

Burlingame Real Estate

Open Map of Burlingame, CA Luxury Real Estate For Sale