Backyards alongside the Menlo Park Caltrain Line

Living in Menlo Park — one of the Silicon Valley’s most vibrant and thriving cities — is the real dream. Menlo Park places you smack dab in the middle of the Caltrain line, and you can reach San Francisco Station or Gilroy Station in about the same amount of time. In addition, the area surrounding Menlo Park Station boasts an array of happening neighborhoods, fabulous dining and shopping, wonderful community events, great schools and more to make your life outside of work as splendid as imaginable. Owning property here will be financially rewarding and personally satisfying, so take a look at some of the many perks of living in Menlo Park.

Commute From Downtown Menlo Park Caltrain Station
Destination By Car Caltrain Distance
San Francisco 35 min 38 min 30.5 miles
Downtown Burlingame 23 min 22 min 14 miles
Downtown San Mateo 18 min 16 min 12.5 miles
Downtown San Carlos 7 min 8 min 6 miles
Downtown Redwood City 7 min 5 min 4 miles
Downtown Palo Alto 5 min 3 min 1.5 miles
Downtown Mountain View 16 min 8 min 7.5 miles
Downtown Sunnyvale 21 min 13 min 13 miles
San Jose Diridon 29 min 25 min 21 miles


Neighborhoods by Menlo Park Station

Menlo Park Station is literally steps from downtown, and there are numerous neighborhoods that are great for living, socializing and working.

Allied Arts

Conveniently located just south of downtown Menlo Park, the Allied Arts neighborhood is well known for the Allied Arts Guild, a landmark complex featuring pristine gardens, art studios, cafes and boutique shops. The charming homes and streets add to the neighborhood’s attraction, and the pedestrian-friendly streets mean you can window shop, stop for a beer and chat with friends throughout the day. Everyone from professionals to affluent families to retirees will find this neighborhood suitable.

Belle Haven

This diverse neighborhood is located just east of U.S. Route 101, which means quick freeway access for your commute. What’s also notable about this area is the presence of investment properties and duplexes between owner-occupied houses, a factor that makes Belle Haven especially appealing to investors. Young home buyers and students will also find the area quite fitting. With recreational spots like Belle Haven Pool and Kelly Park in town, it’s also a great place for active folks.

Central Menlo Park

The fact that most of the homes here have undergone high-end renovations makes it easy to fall in love with properties in Central Menlo Park. They’re simply exquisite, and you’ll feel the pride of ownership as soon as you move in. The neighborhood has lots of quiet cul-de-sacs as well, which allows you the space to relax when you need. Central Menlo Park is great for families with kids, Stanford University alumni and entrepreneurs. With Willow Oaks Park nearby, those who love the outdoors will feel right at home here too.

Company Headquarters

Living close to the job is always a plus, and many large companies and successful startups are located in Menlo Park. You’ll find Facebook’s headquarters here, as well as a heavy concentration of venture capital companies along Sand Hill Road including Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. The nearby Rosewood Sand Hill — a luxury hotel and inspired retreat — is an excellent venue for business meetings and networking with other established professionals. Thanks to the presence of great companies and incredible business opportunities, the region around Menlo Park Station has a booming housing market.

Food, City Parks and Recreation

When the time comes to just have fun, the area surrounding Menlo Park Station is ready to wow you. And that’s what makes life along this section of the CalTrain line so spectacular. From cups of joe at Cafe Borrone to the amazing beer selection at The Willows Market to the highly rated course at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, you won’t find it difficult to keep yourself entertained here.

If Menlo Park is tempting you already, know Kyle Else can help you search homes for sale in the city — and help you be the first to learn about off-market listings and exclusive events. That will make turning the dream of owning a superb home in Menlo Park into a reality much easier.