Life Along Your Caltrain Commute: The San Carlos Station

Living near Caltrain’s San Carlos Station is a dream come true for many homeowners, thanks to the area’s phenomenal climate, picturesque neighborhoods and thriving economy. Friendly neighbors, high-ranking schools and recreational centers offer a sought-after lifestyle for residents of all ages, along with the unique shops and mouth-watering restaurants of a big city while still retaining that classic small-town feel.

If you need to attend a business meeting in San Francisco – or maybe just visit for a few hours of downtime –
the Caltrain can get you there in less than an hour. Imagine being able to live without a car and leave behind those long, traffic-filled commutes. You can be green and still have direct access to everything you want and need. Search homes for sale in San Carlos today to start living your ideal life!

Commute From Downtown San Carlos Caltrain Station
Destination By Car Caltrain Distance
San Francisco 34 min 37 min 23.5 miles
Downtown Burlingame 20 min 18 min 9 miles
Downtown San Mateo 17 min 13 min 6 miles
Downtown Redwood City 9 min 6 min 2.5 miles
Downtown Menlo Park 18 min 11 min 6 miles
Downtown Palo Alto 23 min 12 min 7 miles
Downtown Mountain View 25 min 18 min 15.5 miles
Downtown Sunnyvale 28 min 29 min 17.5 miles
San Jose Diridon 35 min 35 min 26 miles

Find Your Neighborhood

Listed below are some of the best neighborhoods near the Caltrain San Carlos Station, perfect for homeowners and investors alike. Which one will you move to next?

Howard Park

The Howard Park neighborhood in the heart of San Carlos is known for its charming bungalows. The location is the real draw for homebuyers here, as the neighborhood encompasses downtown and even boasts San Carlos’ best public green space, Burton Park. The community’s walkability to local amenities, including the San Carlos Caltrain Station, makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the area.

Devonshire Canyon

Devonshire Canyon is a neighborhood tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills of San Carlos. The homes here mainly consist of ranchers and custom-built properties, with a few craftsman-style homes dotting the landscape. Homebuyers flock to Devonshire Canyon for its beauty, family-friendly location and relaxing vibe. The area is hidden from the hustle and bustle, yet still conveniently close to the San Carlos Caltrain Station.

Beverly Terrace

The prestigious neighborhood of Beverly Terrace has a little something for everyone. Housing options range from charming old-world cabins to brand new mini-mansions and everything in between. Neighbors love Beverly Terrace for its quiet atmosphere, large lots and amazing views of the canyon and bay. The community is also home to the Brittan “Party House” built by San Carlos pioneer John Brittan in 1872, now regarded as a historical landmark. Unbeatable weather, privacy and immaculate views make this area perfect for singles, couples and families alike.

Schools in San Carlos

There’s no shortage of excellent schools located along the Caltrain San Carlos Station. Saint Charles Elementary School is a private Catholic school that strives to create a community of faith and challenge its students to reach their fullest potential. White Oaks Elementary is a highly ranked public school where teachers and staff work together to create a warm atmosphere conducive to learning for all students. Tierra Linda Middle School in San Carlos offers a rigorous curriculum with a community support system to help connect its students with the real world.

Fun in San Carlos

San Carlos is home to many exceptional events and establishments that bring the entire community together. The annual Chicken Ball, first established in 1940, gathers those from all over to a rousing show that raises money for local schools. For a fun and educational weekend outing, head to the Hiller Aviation Museum with family and friends. Finally, Hot Harvest Nights is a San Carlos farmer’s market featuring live music, fresh produce and specialty foods. If you wish to venture outside of San Carlos, the Caltrain also services several other locations, such as friendly Redwood City and beautiful San Francisco.

Life along the Caltrain San Carlos station brings you close to everything. Let’s start searching for your dream home together!