The Sunny Life Along The Caltrain: Sunnyvale Station

Homeowners who live in Sunnyvale, CA enjoy a small town atmosphere and an easy commute to San Francisco via the nearby Caltrain Sunnyvale Station. The area boasts a mild California climate, with picture-perfect, tree-lined streets and friendly inhabitants. Booming business, a relaxed atmosphere and modern amenities make this a highly sought-after area in Central California.

Commute From Downtown Sunnyvale Caltrain Station
Destination By Car Caltrain Distance
San Francisco 46 min 50 min 40.5 miles
Downtown Burlingame 32 min 40 min 24.5 miles
Downtown San Mateo 30 min 24 min 22.5 miles
Downtown San Carlos 25 min 23 min 17.5 miles
Downtown Redwood City 23 min 15 min 16 miles
Downtown Menlo Park 22 min 13 min 13 miles
Downtown Palo Alto 22 min 9 min 9 miles
Downtown Mountain View 8 min 5 min 2.5 miles
San Jose Diridon 18 min 10 min 11 miles


Whether you need to attend a work function in San Francisco or want to visit this historic town during your vacation, the Caltrain Sunnyvale Station can get you to the heart of the city in less than an hour. Taking the train will give you plenty of time to get some last-minute work done or relax during your commute.

Find Your Neighborhood

Listed below are some of the best neighborhoods near the Caltrain Sunnyvale Station. These areas are perfect for homeowners and investors alike. The Sunnyvale Park System was designed with the idea that every neighborhood would be within walking distance of a public park, so that all of the residents can the city and nature alike.

Ponderosa Park

The Ponderosa Park neighborhood, located in the heart of Sunnyvale, is a lively area with numerous recreational activities right outside your doorstep. Housing choices include stylish bungalows and penthouse condominiums, ranging from affordable to luxurious. The neighborhood is named after Ponderosa Park, a large green space with multiple activities for all ages. The location and open space make this area a desirable option for families or active singles.


High-end, cottage-style homes line the streets of Lowlanders, a small community located on the east side of Sunnyvale toward San Jose. Many of the residents of this location have the option to run some errands on foot. Although the Lowlanders area is close to the Sunnyvale Caltrain Station and the Central Expressway, it’s still far enough away from the City for peace and quiet.

Ortega Park

Ortega Park is a prime Sunnyvale neighborhood. The homes here consist of luxury-priced ranchers and cottage-style single family homes. The neighborhood is named for the notable Ortega recreation park, which features 18 prime acres of green lawns, gazebos, playgrounds and sports arenas. Situated in an area that’s close to shops and a number of highly ranked schools, this prestigious community is popular with all ages.

Schools and Employers in Sunnyvale

There are many fantastic schools located near the Caltrain Sunnyvale Station, including Fairwood Explorer Elementary School, one of the most notable schools in the area. The school promotes inquiry-based learning to inspire independent and curious thinkers in the next generation. Cherry Chase Elementary School, another phenomenal option, emphasizes strong foundations in the California core curriculum coupled with positive character building. A strong community connection is important at Cupertino Middle School, where teachers help parents raise creative children who are passionate contributors to society. Sunnyvale also offers some of the top employers, such as Linkedin, Apple Inc, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

Sunnyvale Community

IN 1849, Martin Murphy introduced the area’s first orchards and modern farm equipment, and established the State’s first schools. The Murphy’s also built California’s first wood frame house, which has now been restored and established as the Heritage Park Museum. The Murphy family played an important role in the development of Sunnyvale, and the development of California as a whole.

The entire Sunnyvale community gathers to participate in annual celebrations, such as the popular Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival. There are also exciting activities to engage your fun side, like playing mini golf at Golfland USA and Arcade. Another community favorite is Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market that happens every Saturday 9am – 1pm, year round on Murphy and Washington Avenue.

Sunnyvale truly has something for every home buyer. Be the first to learn about off-market listings, open houses, exclusive events, and more! Talk to a knowledgeable agent now.